Designer Spotlight: The Ropes Maine

Our ongoing Designer Spotlig
ht series highlights our favorite boutique designers. Just like we love to know the stories of the online boutiques we’re buying from, we are equally interested in the stories behind the items they’ve chosen to carry. So the next time someone says, “where did you get that?!” you’ll have your very own story to tell! Now, let us introduce you to The Ropes Maine, available at The Closet Boutique in Kennebunk, ME.

Ahoy Matey! Feeling nautical? Whether you are a sailor or prefer to remain landlocked, anyone can find appreciate a little taste of the ocean with bracelets made by The Ropes Maine.

Maine-based designer Shana Aldrich Ready graduated from the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design, and later embarked on a career designing in Boston and New York City. Ready eventually realized there was no place like home and eventually returned to her native Maine. Taking inspiration from visits to the beach with her son, she began to experiment jewelry making with marine hardware and ropes. True to its roots, the line is still produced in Maine today.

These colorful bracelets have been featured in The Hamptons magazine,, LuLu Magazine, and the Atlantic-Pacific blog (one of my favorites!).

The Ropes Maine bracelets are great trend pieces, as they boast neon colors (I have been trying to brainstorm ways to fit neons into my closet!) and are ideal for bracelet layering (be creative!).

- Cara

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